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I thought I would post a perfect example of why proper lighting is so important and how it makes or breaks a great photograph. These were taken up high at Blu, in downtown Milwaukee. The first was with ambient light, and as expected the camera couldn't handle the extreme light outside, and the extreme dark on the inside. With proper flash units, the light is now balanced and turns that "ok" picture, into a great photograph! And to note, both of these shots are unedited and straight out of the camera.

Enjoy :) — at Blu Milwaukee.


matt & abby lighting

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New Blog Hello Everyone!

February 4th marks the first time I will try hand at "Blogging". I thought this might be good to keep updates on work I have done and add more info about photo shoots, or clients I've worked with, gear I use, etc. If there are any suggestions you have as to maybe something you'd like to know, about me, my business, please feel free to add your comments.

Thank you, and I look forward to more postings in the future!

Bob & Christina Wedding Best-12-8

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